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Four dirt bike riders taking a break from riding, sitting on a fence by the dirt trail.


Your presence counts!  Members of Congress and their staff put a premium on hearing from constituents, businessowners, and local job creators from their district. Your manufacturing, distribution, retail sales, insurance, and other allied services matter in their districts. Now is the time to speak up and take action for our future.

The Impact of Being There

Members of Congress want and need to hear from employers in their districts and states. It’s vitally important to let them know about the jobs and revenue impact our companies have on the economy and, not the least, their constituents and economy back home.

Did you know?
Outdoor recreation accounts for 2.2% of GDP
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You Are a Significant Contributor to the United States Economy

This is your opportunity to voice your opinions and concerns on the ways current issues may impact your business:

  • Tariffs are making manufacturing and importing motorcycle products more expensive. That either eats into your bottom line or you pass those costs along to your customers, which may result in lower sales. Congress needs to hear this directly from YOU.

  • The new Highway bill will provide funding for transportation infrastructure such as the Recreational Trails Program (RTP). RTP provides critical funding for trail development and maintenance, so our customers have places to ride our products. DC needs to know this is critical for our industry’s sustainability and growth so we can continue to grow our nearly $40 billion industry.

  • The new Highway bill will also fund infrastructure and research affecting our industry.  Emerging autonomous vehicle technology must be able to recognize and react to motorcycles. Capitol Hill needs to understand why this matters to our industry and how they can ensure a safe riding environment for our customers.

  • Access to federal lands for recreational purposes is another important component of ensuring that our customers have quality riding opportunities.  Land access means more riding and growth for our industry. This directly impacts your bottom line. 


Raising the profile of our industry on the Hill results in increased awareness among lawmakers’ offices as we support legislation that benefits the industry and oppose legislation that harms the industry.

Drawing of the US Capitol building
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